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Preserving our God given liberties is crucial.

I respect our constitution, and value protecting it. I believe elected officials must boldly lead and stand up to protect our citizens as well. I want us to not to have the sense that we are losing our liberties a little bit each election cycle, but that leadership respects the rights of each individual citizen, and that you can trust your County government to bring accountability to the state as the last line of defense against state overreach.


When our communities are faced with natural disasters or challenges, Elkhart County deserves leaders who will not give their authority and responsibilities to unelected or appointed bureaucrats. Those officials will advise. I will lead and boldly stand in the gap and protect the taxpayers with common sense... Not fear!


I will do my best to ensure all previous projects that overlap into the next administration are completed on time and on budget.


I will follow through. I will stand behind my decisions. I will lead with commonsense; doing what I say I will do. I am able to make the hard decisions and will know when to seek wise counsel. 


There are many businesses struggling to find trained and qualified employees. Along with looking to lower taxes, we need to work to create more community partnerships that benefit our local Elkhart County workforce! I will initiate an endeavor to find new ways for businesses and schools to work together. What if we can come up with solutions to give tax breaks, credits or grants to companies that partner with schools or non-profits to create the needed training to close the need-gap?


Protecting our County from State and Federal overreach is a high value. Researching what strings are attached before taking federal dollars, I will look at the fine print to learn what our county is actually signing up for. We do not want to relinquish valuable rights. I am not afraid to turn federal monies away, if it would restrict our county in negative ways. As a conservative we need to be frugal with all taxpayer funds. As commissioner I will look at everything, and seek healthy County to State to Federal lines of communication and responsibility. 


Every leader is informed by their core-values, and I believe as George Washington

stated, that the two pillars of freedom are religion and morality. We must remember our rooted Christian heritage.

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